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The very fact that it's a whole collection and not just a solo scent (which is how most Fashion designers usually break into the beauty market) is typical Spade. Fashion reserves the right to withdraw or terminate the contest at any time without prior notice or to change the Rules and Regulations.

Any attempt or suspected attempt to enter more than once per person, any use of robotic, automatic, programmed or entry methods not authorized by these rules, shall be deemed as tampering and will void all of your entries. Metallics are more often associated with a fancy, nighttime look, but you can make it into a casual day look as well.

I'm not crazy about my feet in particular-my big toe looks like a thumb, ask anyone-or anyone's feet, in general, and I don't like the pressure to have presentable feet that a wardrobe full of sandals and peep-toed platforms instils. I know I'm not the only podophobe out there, so I've put together a basic guide to close-toed summer shoes.

Everyone knows accessories are an easy way to take your look from basic to wow in seconds, especially when it includes Insta-worthy footwear. However, with the sea of styles and colours on the shelves, it can get overwhelming for us everyday girls. You can grab a pair straight off the runway or opt Golden Goose Big Sale for a classic pair of Dr. Martens, even if you've never actually been in a mosh pit.

I know that in some of my words (e.g. Fergalicious) I spell the words wrong, but I am very aware of that. They're Fashion forward but don't give me a hollow sense vu like the majority of mass market brands making shoes you've seen elsewhere at least 30 times before. They're classic yet untraditional.

Egbogah invented the shoes for the kind of women she tends to treat at her high-powered clinic in Toronto's Financial District. My patients are all Fashion forward women. Whether they work at a bank or are an actress, they don't want to wear ugly orthopaedic shoes, she says.

It doesn't work for me. I enjoy creating newness; trying to invent new shapes, new compositions, new balance. Runways and red carpets have already proved that metallics are not just for the holiday season. Still, walking around in the daytime in a shimmery piece can be daunting.

New shoes on budget day is a longstanding Canadian tradition though it's roots are hard to trace. The act of putting on new shoes (or wearing old ones for that matter) is laden with meaning and cultural significance. Thankfully on the runways of Prada, Bottega Veneta, and others, designers prioritized functional footwear and didn't sacrifice style. And just to get real inside baseball, buyers at your favorite stores agree.

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