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  • 22.05.2020 09:15 - to cultivate the soil.
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Arbor Day is a festival where everyone goes to plant trees together, to plant green, to plant hope, and there will be some interesting things happening on this day. The editor today brings you an anecdote of a tree planting festival that happened hundreds of years ago. At the time of the Arbor Day, you can plant trees and talk about the anecdote of the Arbor Day. More about the Arbor Day can be found on the Giant Composition Network. Hundreds of years ago, Yugoslavia enacted a law requiring that each newlyweds must first plant 70 olive trees. In some areas such as Kagoshima, Japan, there are also provisions for newlyweds to plant trees. A tree stands next to the tree to indicate the name and marriage period. The trees can be felled 50 years after planting. At that time, the couples can hold a 50th anniversary celebration. The laws and regulations of Java Island of Indonesia stipulate that two trees must be planted for the first marriage and five trees for divorce; three trees must be planted for the second marriage Parliament Cigarettes, otherwise the tree planting tools will not be registered Wholesale Cigarettes. There is a special stipulation in Japan for planting cars and adding trees. Anyone who adds a car to a private person must plant a tree. This is because each car emits a large amount of toxic hydrocarbons and emits noise every year, and trees are natural "disinfectors" and "silencers", so trees must be planted. Timing planting trees, in many places in Tanzania, Africa, there is a custom of "Timding planting trees", that is, who has a child, the placenta is buried in the land outside the door, and a tree is planted there, expressing the hope that the child It thrives like a tree. Family tree, some local regulations in Poland: all families with small children should plant 3 trees, called "family tree". The Tree Bank, in order to prevent construction projects from destroying trees, Japan launched the "Tree Bank". All construction units must deposit the rooted trees dug out of the clearing site in a ��tree bank�� in time After the project is completed, the unit must take out the trees and plant them in time to maintain the original green area. The courtship tree. In Bonn, Germany, every year during the tree planting season, the young man will give the girl a carefully selected birch sapling and plant it to express his love. People call it the "worship tree". An interesting spring park in Arbor Day, picturesque, fresh green forests, clusters of bright flowers, pavilions and pavilions, small bridges and flowing water, do not have a humor, attracting the elderly to play, morning exercises, and more vitality to the park . At this time, a plant instructor came and said to me with a smile: "We are going to plant trees immediately." Hearing these people jumped three feet high. The tree planting instructor drew a circle on the ground with branches, and that is the scope of our tree planting. The place has been chosen and it is time to dig. Speaking of digging pits, everyone scrambled to dig pits. After everyone's quarreling, everyone agreed to dig by Hercules Wu Hao, only to see that he took a big shovel and slammed into the ground. Then, he kicked with his feet again and shaved very hard, and some soil was dug out. Everyone was very happy, so he dug two or three times in a row. Suddenly, Wu Hao's complexion flushed, his face flushed, his hands trembled a few times, and he couldn't dig up at night. The aggressive son Xu Haowen pushed Wu Hao away, grabbed the shovel, and the tiger's downhill hit the hole hard, only to hear a thud, and a spark came out. I only heard a thud, and a spark came out. I saw Xu Haowen's hands were numb, like a deflated ball, alas, and failed again, Zhiduo Xing Juwei's eyes flashed, and a small shovel was used to dig down a layer of soil, there was a big red brick Being buried deeply in the soil, Ju Wei used a shovel to dig a lot of the soil next to it. Hercules shook it twice with his hand and pulled it again. The stubborn brick was finally pulled out. Everyone danced happily, we loose A breath. Although planting trees is not an easy task, the cultivation of soil is not easy. Wu Hao just put the big mud block in, but was stopped by the careful Tu Yue. I saw that she rubbed the mud block in her hand. Pinch a pinch, and quickly knead the mud into fine soil, bury it in. When it was halfway buried, it was buried with a big mud block, and a bowl was piled up on the periphery. Time passed quickly, and we left reluctantly. I saw that the rows of standing seedlings added fresh green to the bare farmland. Maybe a few years later there will be a tree-shaded forest. We The planted tree will also become a towering tree. It will also be a paradise for the elderly! Our busy tree planting festival is also an annual tree planting festival. Students come to the park to plant trees together. When I came to the park, the scenery could not be described by the word "beauty": the peach blossoms were blooming, the willows were also fashionable, and the long brown hair was also dyed green, plus the clear river water , A beautiful picture of a spring scene. Soon, the teacher led us to take the osmanthus saplings and came to a land that has not been reclaimed. I saw no trees here, only green vegetable fields and a little yellow head Rape flowers. Hey, it ��s best to plant trees here! Each of us chooses a piece of land first, and we can ��start work��. I dug vigorously against the painted circle, wow, this soil is fertile! The pit should be dug so that the entire tree root can be put in. Although the soil is very fertile, digging pits is not a simple matter after all, no, I shoveled it down, only listened to the sound of "clang", and suddenly the digging couldn't move, even my hands were numb. , Oh, it turned out to be a stone. At this moment, the clever Tu Yue immediately said: "First use a small shovel to remove the soil next to it and pull it out!" Saying that, Li Wenjing and I started to work, okay It was easy to dial the soil around, and then everyone worked together, but did not pull out this stone, but it was like rooting underground, and the lines were still. As soon as I had a clever move, I first used a shovel against the side of the stone, and then a few others pulled the stone out. "One, two, three!" Huh, stone, stone, you finally came out! A big pit was finally born. This is the big pit I dug out with the effort of nine cattle and two tigers. Li Wenjing inserted the sapling and straightened it, and Tu Yue and I began to cultivate the soil. The soil should not be too tight, but it must also be filled so that the water can seep to the roots. We filled the pit into a small hill. Tu Yue hit the water, and I just wanted to pour it on the tree. Li Wenjing hurriedly stopped and said, "If this happens, the water will seep out, that is not equal to zero?" That ��s right, then if you cut a hole in the tree If it is not strong, if ... "Fill the pit into a bowl shape," Tu Yue said quietly, "This way the water will seep into the bottom." So, the three of us dug out the extra soil. There must be no problem pouring water. In the end, the emperor did not take care of us, we finally made it into a tree, and finally planted it, we planted the rows of trees, holding hands together, as if saying "goodbye" to us! Tree planting is to do beauty for the earth. what!

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