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  • 14.09.2020 09:14 - Carton Of Marlboro Reds 100S
von ylq in Kategorie Allgemein.

Pinch the cigarette lightly, the rolling is medium and loose. The fingertips feel fine, soft, and consistent in texture. Let go of your finger, it rebounds quickly, and the deformation quickly returns to its original shape Marlboro Red, okay! For nearly a year, the humidity of the tobacco shreds has remained fairly good. The flame licked the cigarette and inhaled shallowly, allowing the warm smoke to slowly heat the tobacco, so that they would gradually relax and wake up... Exhale the smoke, without any odor remaining between the lips and teeth.
Take a shallow breath, the suction resistance is medium but not loose, and it feels comfortable and natural. The smoke is delicate, tastes good, with clear borders, and the fragrance of the tobacco mixed cartridge is overflowing. The main note is the natural blend of tobacco, and the aroma of flue-cured tobacco is slightly dominant. The whole section of the smoke was calm and did not change much, but it was not the kind of light feeling. Inhale again to moderately reduce the amount of smoke inhaled Parliament Cigarettes. While feeling the delicate and soft flavor of smoke, the smoke is gradually filled in the mouth. Slowly let the smoke be inhaled along the nostrils. The irritation to the nose is very small, and it feels sore. A little bit, not too obvious Cigarettes Online. The reconciliation is quite elegant. Take a deep breath and deliberately slow down the speed of inhalation. In the latter part of the smoke, a slight tingling sensation appears. Can't feel too many obstacles. The smoke diffuses in the lungs, and the sense of satisfaction rises quickly, reaching its peak soon. When the cigarette is left standing, the spontaneous combustion speed is not as loose as imagined, but it burns quickly, continuous and evenly. The wrapping of the horizontal-grained paper is excellent, and no explosion dust is seen. Open the filter, a classic one-section acetate tow, this filter is the best choice for the characteristics of taste cigarettes. Seen from the outside of the tipping paper, the defocusing hole is a circle of fine, hashed strips with small holes, which are about the first 1/3 of the filter tow. Judging from the color change of the tow, it is fairly uniform. From the appearance of the tobacco, the proportion of bright yellow and brown-yellow flue-cured tobacco is slightly smaller than that of dark brown air-cured tobacco. Just in response to the sentence on the cigarette pack-Finest Quality Tobaccos. Tobacco raw materials are better, even better than L&M. With such a large proportion of air-cured tobacco, the flavor is more smoothly reconciled, and its formula has its own unique characteristics. After enjoying the game, a relatively balanced cigarette, with a unique formula that balances the natural flavors of flue-cured and air-cured tobacco. The flavor is thick and delicate, and the smoke layering is slightly thin. The overall flavor is slightly less than the EU version. Smokers who like light and natural flavors can find them to try.
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